Celebrating Our Superheroes in Disguise

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2018

They’re such a fixture on the interstate landscape that the faceless men and women who navigate those 18-wheeled ships are taken for granted. They go about their business every day blending in with the lanes of vehicles. Much like a caped crusader, these professional drivers are fulfilling a much-needed service. Just what is the impact these superheroes in disguise have on the American economy and lifestyle?

Transportation of Goods

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), the trucking industry contributes to transporting more than $700 billion in revenue by logging over 450 billion miles annually. More than 80% of all goods moved in the United States are transported by truck. What are the commodities so vitally important to Americans?

  • Raw products from quarries, farms, and mines
  • Food and water supplies
  • Medical goods
  • Service station fuel
  • Waste removal
  • ATM cash supplies


Thanks to a growing global economy and e-commerce, the need for truckers to transport finished products to homes and retailers is steadily increasing. In fact, the ATA estimates that the employment rate for truckers will continue to climb by 3.4% a year through 2028.

First Responders

These unassuming champions of the road are often in a position of being first responders to accidents. Truckers may be able to react at the scene of an accident in those first few critical moments that can mean the difference between life and death. As road warriors, they’re also in a unique position to recognize the signs of human trafficking and alert law enforcement.


While you may not see a caped crusader behind the wheel of one of those big rigs, these superheroes in disguise are present on the road every day contributing as vitally important members of society. For more information on how you can join this crucial profession, contact Advanced Career Institute.