Women are Valued Members of the Trucking Community

Women Truckers are Valued Members of the Transportation Community

The trucking industry has been commonly misinterpreted as a male-only industry. However, companies are working harder than ever to make a trucking career appealing to women. A closer look at the industry shows the women are now not only wanted, but needed, to help fill the driver shortage.

Why Should Women Start a Trucking Career?

Equal pay – Truckers are paid on a per-mile basis. No matter if your gender, everyone has the same opportunity to make the same amount of money for the same number of miles. If you are willing to drive the miles, you can make money.

Community -If you are a woman interested in becoming a trucker, know there is a community of other women behind you. There are several organizations dedicated to creating a space for women in the industry.

  • Women in Trucking Association (WIT),  The Accelerate Conference, REAL Women in Trucking and S.H.E. Trucking, just to name a few.

Why are Women Truckers Wanted?

  • A study by American Transportation Research Institute
    (ATRI) found that women are 20% less likely to be involved in a
    crash than men.
  • Females also have a lower turnover rate than male drivers
    do, with a 35% rate compared to a 49% men’s rate.
  • Multiple studies have also found that women also log more miles than men each year.
  • On top of the driver demand, there is also a high demand for trainers that are women. Becoming a trainer could be another career direction for many drivers once they have multiple years of experience on the road.
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