Differences Between a Good Welder and a GREAT Welder

Comparing Great Welders Among the Rest

Great welders have several things in common. These are some of the traits, qualities, characteristics, and skills that separate the great welders from the “good enough.” Here are just a few that ACI feels stands above the others in determining great welders among others.

Highly Trained

The greatest welders attended premier welding schools like Advanced Career Institute in California. They receive the core theory, training and hands-on welding time necessary to pass the various American Welding Society tests and performance qualifications.

Students of the Craft

This means they applied and dedicated themselves to the diligent study, learning and practice of welding.

Grounded in the Fundamentals

You must know the basics of welding inside and out. A firm foundation in the fundamentals provide the stair steps needed to achieve the skill levels common in great welders. There’s a reason algebra is not your first math course.

Informed About the Industry

Highly sought after welders keep up to date on the latest industry changes and regulations, especially safety.

Subject Matter Experts

Being the subject matter expert not only means you know about a great deal about welding. It also means you never stop learning.

Superb Manual Dexterity

Better known as “great hands” are common to “great welders.” Hand skills and coordination are developed through proper training in technique and practice, practice, practice.


Welders often work alone. They are assigned a task or handed a set of blueprints and sent to accomplish the job. The self-motivated welder figures out the most efficient way to get the job done.


5 of the 7 characteristics for “great welders” are rooted in the school students attend and the training that school provides. It’s evident that those who want to be superior welders need good training. Cutting edge training helps you achieve the skills common to the best welders in the industry. Advanced Career Institute welcomes and invites you to contact us to discuss your future.