Our Mission & History

Our Mission

The Mission of Advanced Career Institute is to provide short-term high-quality educational programs to prepare students for entry-level employment.

Advanced Career Institute maintains four goals:

  1. Provide programs that are designed to teach the skills necessary for entry-level employment, career development and advancement in the student’s chosen field.
  2. Deliver instruction in a safe, professional, educational environment using effective equipment, and efficient class sizes.
  3. Endeavor to utilize emerging technologies to support learning and enable the pursuit of personal and professional goals.
  4. Strive diligently to provide placement assistance to students and graduates of ACI while providing top talent to the workforce in our communities.

Our History

A little more than three decades ago, we had a problem – we were having a hard time hiring qualified drivers for our own trucking company. As a result to that problem, we decided to create a training program that would provide us with qualified people to drive our trucks. That training program ended up being so successful that we started training drivers from other companies.

  • image of old ACI branded truck


    We opened our first school division in Southern California; Advanced School of Driving, Inc.

  • Image of different trucks parked on ACI range


    We expanded and opened a second school, Advanced Career Driving School in Visalia, California.

  • Image of two students and instructor working in welding lab


    Our second Advanced Truck Driving School campus opened in Fresno, CA which also included welding.

  • image of red ACI truck, an instructor standing next to it


    Our third Advanced Truck Driving School campus opened in Merced, California which offers CDL training.

  • image of white ACI branded truck cab


    Our fourth Advanced Career Institute opened in Bakersfield, California which offers Welding and CDL training.

  • image of Las Vegas CDL Training Center


    In 2020 we opened our 5th CDL Training campus in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are excited to expand our training facilities!


In 1986 we opened our first school, Advanced School of Driving, Inc., and offered our training to individuals in the local community. After years of successfully training thousands of men and women, we got the opportunity to expand. We began offering these successful programs, training standards, and job placement assistance to individuals living in the Central California region.

In 1993, a second school division formed and opened in Visalia, California called Advanced Truck Driving School. Then, in July of 2000, another campus opened in Fresno, California. In March of 2015, a third campus was opened in Merced, followed by our fourth campus opened in Bakersfield, CA in July 2018. Most recently a fifth campus was opened in Las Vegas, NV in November 2020.

In order to meet the career demands and needs of those living in Central California and Las Vegas, Advanced Truck Driving School incorporated and changed its name to Advanced Career Institute. Since the change, Advanced Career Institute has added training program areas outside of transportation. Moving forward, we continue to look for ways to support the needs of individuals and our community.

Finally, thirty years of experience has helped us become a leading provider of career education in the transportation and technical fields. ACI has built a reputation for providing quality education that produces graduates with job skills that are in high demand. Our reputation is recognized by employers, agencies, and the community who look to us to fulfill their employment needs.

Our Accreditation

Advanced Career Institute is accredited with the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and is licensed by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) as a Private Business and Trade School, and is approved to provide Veteran training.

Interested in enrolling at Advanced Career Institute? Give us a call at 877-649-9614 or contact us today!