Celebrating National Ag Day

The Importance of Ag Transportation

In celebration of National Ag Day on March 20th, let’s give a nod of appreciation to the Ag Transporters who do the hard work within the industry. If you are curious about the job and considering joining the ranks, you should definitely ask these three important questions…

What is Ag Transportation?

Ag Transportation is the community of men and women who drive the country’s farm-fresh food from where it’s grown to wherever it needs to go. Advanced Career Institute’s training will give you all the skills needed to learn the basics of truck driving. Students will also learn how to transport the important agricultural products grown in California.

What is the importance of Ag Transportation?

Truck drivers transport around 500 million tons of grain produced in the US every single year. California’s farms and ranches produce over one-third of those vegetables and two-thirds of the fruits and nuts for this country. The most efficient system for transporting these fresh and healthy goods are the highways and truck drivers of the state. Goods often need to be transported more than once before they reach their final destination. Those that do these important jobs of ensuring the quality and safe delivery of these products are Ag Transporters.

What are the benefits of being an Ag Transporter?

The benefits of being an Ag Transporter are vast. Ag Transporters are the first point of contact for receiving and transporting the agricultural products and livestock vital to the food industry. All you need to qualify is a high school diploma and the CDL Certification we provided with our 20-week Ag Transportation training. It’s also important to consider that the current future outlook for work as a truck driver is extremely promising. As a Ag Transporter, you will have several job opportunities with competitive pay and great benefits.

Are you interested in joining the Ag Transportation field? Advanced Career Institute can help you get started! Contact us today to learn more about our training options and the opportunities available for you.