4 Secrets to a Successful Welding Interview

How to Ace Your Welding Interview

Job interviews are always nerve-racking. There’s a lot of pressure to perform your very best and show off your skills so that the interviewer shortlists you for the job. Welding, in particular, requires a very specific set of skills, and you need to come prepared for the job interview to show off these skills. Here are four secrets to acing your welding interview so you can land your dream job:

Know the Company

The key to any successful job interview is preparation and research. Learn about the company you are interviewing with by taking a look at their website and reviewing their ratings online. Be able to answer basic questions about what the company does and how welding fits into the company’s business.

Study the Job Description

Find out specifics about the job, such as what type of welding processes you’ll be asked to do, by studying the job posting. Make sure you are not only familiar with these processes but also prepared with stories about how you have used these processes in training or at your current or previous welding jobs.

Be prepared to answer questions about your training and experience with specific welding processes. For example, be able to answer questions like “What is turnkey integration?” and “What’s the difference between MIG and TIG welding?”.

Rehearse Your Answers

While you won’t know exactly what the interviewer is going to ask, it helps to practice your answers to some basic interview questions, such as “Tell me about yourself” or “How do you deal with working under pressure?”. With the first question, you have the opportunity to pitch to the interviewer why you are the best candidate. Emphasize your strengths, work ethic, training, experience, and anything else that might be applicable to the job.

The interviewer might ask you other questions about your temperament, working with others, and safety habits. Make sure you have strong answers to all of these questions. In addition, prepare some questions for the interviewer about the company and the job to show your interest and preparation.

Dress the Part and Bring Your Materials

Come to the interview dressed for the job. Instead of a suit, wear work gear like a long sleeve shirt, heavy-duty pants, and quality work boots. Since you are likely to be tested in your interview, your clothes should be protective and comfortable to work in.

Make sure you bring the necessary materials and equipment to do some welding, such as work gloves, a helmet, grinders, weld treatment, and whatever else is necessary for the specific welding processes.

While welding is an in-demand skill, you still need to prepare for the interview to increase your chances of landing your dream job.


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