Welding Myths Debunked

These 5 welding myths shouldn't keep you away from a career!

Are you or a family member seriously considering a career change? Perhaps the thought of becoming a certified welder has been brought up but welding myths have stopped you in your tracks. A welder can have an extremely rewarding career if you only take the time to learn about it! We will debunk these top five myths about this career and why they should not stop you or your loved one from pursuing a successful career.

  • “Welding Is For Those Who Can’t Get Into College” –The truth behind this welding myth is that welding still requires a significant amount of education, especially of scientific materials. As a welder, you will also need to have a good understanding of math so you can make the required precise calculations. Welding is not a fall back plan for the uneducated. A lot of knowledge is required and welding is especially a good fit for those who enjoy the STEM fields.
  • “Welding is a Low-Paying Job”-There is plenty of room for advancement and the potential to make good money with a welding career. In fact, many jobs come with high starting-salaries and generous benefits packages. Experienced and specialty welders can even make over $100,000 a year.
  • “Welding is a Man’s Job”- One of the biggest trends in the welding industry has been the increase in the number of women pursuing welding as a career. Welding myth debunked; it is no longer just a man’s job. Manufacturers are looking for skilled welders and it is becoming clear that women will be more and more welding jobs.
  • “Welding is Too Dangerous”- There is no denying that there is some risk involved with a welding career. However, welders learn very rigorous safety procedures during training and are expected to follow the same procedures while at the workplace. Therefore, as long as you stick to your safety measures, you will be a safe welder.
  • “Welding Is Being Replaced With Automation” – While it is true that there are more and more automation and robotics in the industry, this is not a threat to the welding job market. The market is changing, however, so you need to be willing to continue to learn. Also, welding is safer than other industries that are more easily outsourced overseas.

With these welding myths debunked, do you have a different opinion on your future welding career? We hope now you can see what an amazing career you can have as a welder. Please don’t hesitate! Contact us.