You Might Find Success in Welding If…

Is Welding the Right Career for You?

Welding is exciting. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as powering on your torch and watching the sparks fly ablaze while you meld together whatever material is in front of you. Eventually, the individual pieces of metal you began with are now a single product, conceived by the influence of your own hands. It’s surely a satisfying process to complete; there’s no wonder why many seek to turn the craft into a professional career. With proper training, anyone can pick up the skills needed to do just that.

But how do you know if the trade is the right fit for you? What makes a good welder? Here are a few insights into what it takes to find success in welding.

Welding Might Be the Career for you if…

  1. You prefer physical work over sitting at a desk: Welding is a hands-on craft that is very much about physical labor. There’s a good chance you’ll never get to sit back in a cushy desk chair while on the job.
  2. You don’t want to attend college or university but still want a fulfilling career: A 4-year college degree isn’t usually a requirement for finding success in welding. Additionally, welding certifications tend to be more affordable and quicker to complete. You can finish  ACI’s Advanced Welding Course in just 38 weeks!
  3. Job sustainability is important to you: Welding jobs are always in demand. In fact, the manufacturing of more than 50% of U.S. products involves welding. This line of work is unlikely to go away any time soon, so professionals can remain confident in their ability to find their next project.
  4. An outdoor work environment appeals to you: Many jobs will require working in outdoor conditions. Hence, you should be sure you can handle the sun and fresh air all day if you’re considering this profession.
  5. You are interested in different industries: There are various opportunities for those who complete their welding training. A few industries you could work in include Construction, Automotive, Electric, Aerospace, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and many others.
  6. You like to travel: Welders are sought after all around the world. Furthermore, welding practices stay fairly consistent across borders, so travel enthusiasts can easily take on stints while on the go.
  7. You don’t mind working for long periods: Oftentimes, projects can keep you on your feet for hours at a time. Both mental and physical endurance is important for welders to perform at their best.

Characteristics of a Successful Welder

Anyone can become a professional welder with the right training and work ethic, but some traits can help aspiring tradespeople get farther ahead in their field:

  1. Detail-oriented
  2. Self-motivated
  3. Knowledgeable in a variety of skills
  4. Has a solid understanding of the tools and equipment used on the job
  5. Keeps up to date on the latest industry news
  6. Puts safety first
  7. Capable of problem-solving
  8. Knows how to read blueprints and understands the role of welding in a project
  9. Understands the math and science behind their craft
  10. Has good interpersonal skills

It takes versatility and skillfulness to find true success in welding. Nevertheless, if you are a good fit, it can become a rewarding career with plentiful opportunities.

Advanced Career Institute can take individuals with little to no experience and turn them into highly qualified workers ready for professional careers. We are proud to offer hands-on training that prepares students to obtain American Welding Society (AWS) performance qualifications and entry-level welding jobs.

If you are ready to start your welding career, contact us today!