Average Welder Age Rises

Creating a Demand for Young Professional Welders

Young professional welders are in demand, especially those with relevant training from a respected school like Advanced Career Institute.

With the average age of today’s professional welder 53, companies are looking for younger welders to enter the profession in order to offset the large number that will be retiring in the coming years. Not only do employers want to prepare for the thousands of welders that will be retiring, but they also want younger workers with relevant training as the welding industry has changed over the years and new technology is put into use.

Training for a career in welding involves a careful review of safety processes. Other aspects of the training program include blueprint reading, the ability to give estimates, and cutting torch operations. There are also specialized fields that welders can enter, such as underwater welding.

The Advanced Career Institute’s welding program is designed to prepare each student to obtain American Welding society welder performance certification and students will also receive training in a variety of skills, including construction site safety, blue print and site plan reading, principles of metallurgy, construction math and welding tool usage.

Welding jobs are becoming much more complex and the technology involved is also changing rapidly, especially with the growth of the energy and health care sector, which are constantly building state of the art buildings and infrastructure. However, even though the demand for professional welders is growing, construction and welding companies will still look to those who have professional training and the right type of certification when filling vacancies.