Helpful Information About Potential Trucking Jobs

  • Watching Your Expenses while Truck Driving

    Trucking can be a hard and lonely job. Sometimes it seems as if time stands still when you're on the road, but of course, we know that it doesn't. It is easy to spend money while traveling. You are not thinking about the bills or daily expenses waiting for you at home. Here are some money-saving tips for truck drivers that will help keep more cash in your pocket while you travel.
    • Bring Lots of Clean Clothes - If you're washing your clothes on the road, you are wasting what will add up to a big chunk of change. Bring plenty of clean laundry and save up your dirty clothes to do when you get home.
    • CDL Discounts - Businesses including hotels and restaurants offer CDL discounts. Sometimes CDL discounts are not always advertised, so you may have to ask about them. However, any discount can amount to good savings over time. Check out Love's and their CDL discounts offered.
    • Loyalty Programs - When you are on the road, you may be stopping at a lot of the same places. Many of these truck stops and restaurants will offer a loyalty program similar to the Pilot and Flying J reward program. Ask the if they have one and what the perks are for membership. You already log lots of miles, so getting rewarded for services you already use is a no brainer.
    • Make Your Own Food - This may be the best way to save money. Preparing all or most of your own meals will drastically lower your expenses. The Trucker Tips Blog offers some ways to make great tasting meals right in your truck. They suggest that a lunch box cooker and refrigerator specifically designed for trucks may be the way to go.
    • Quality GPS - Getting a GPS system that will alert you to upcoming traffic jams, road closings and give you the shortest route possible is a must. This can help you save time and fuel which as we all know equals great savings.
    • Utilize Truck Stops - Truck stops are a great resource for truckers. They cater to drivers with very inexpensive coffee, shower facilities and often times an exercise room and lounge. These stops will often have loyalty reward programs, so make sure you ask.
    • Drive Safely and Within the Speed Limit - Truck drivers are held to a higher standard when it comes to safe driving. Making sure your equipment is running properly and you are driving at the speed limit can be a huge cost saver. Your driving record is part of your livelihood and paying for tickets will add up quickly.
    • Use Cruise Control - As an extension of driving at or below the speed limit, using cruise control can help make sure a lead foot doesn't start to make you go faster. Beyond this though, the cruise control will help regulate the amount of fuel you're using. Extra breaking and accelerating use much more fuel, so avoid it altogether by setting your cruise control.
    • Bring Your Own Cups and Containers - Save your leftovers by bringing extra plastic containers. At many stops, you will find that you can get a discount on beverages if you use your own container. Give it a shot and always be on the lookout for places that offer this discount so you can frequent them more often.
    • Get Some Exercise - There's a reason health insurance companies give a discount for having a wellness check. It costs less money when a person is healthy. Driving a truck doesn't allow for a lot of activity and movement. Try to find truck stops that have exercise facilities, or simply stop at a park for some fresh air and a walk on a regular basis. Staying healthy will save you in the long run on doctor bills and healthcare costs.
    Being a truck driver is a great occupation that can have lots of rewards. Along the road, you'll meet new people and see lots of new and interesting places. Contact us to find out how you can get into this exciting profession.
  • A Perfect Score for Yurika at the DMV!

    Advanced Career Institute would like to congratulate Yurika Lambert on passing her DMV Exam with a perfect score! This is a huge accomplishment, and we could not be prouder. This is on the second occurrence that many ACI staff have ever seen. We sat down with Yurika to see how she liked her time training at Advanced Career Institute and what is next for her in the trucking industry.


    Yurika Lambert comes from a trucking family. She grew up around trucks her whole life. Her father was a truck driver for 25-years before he passed, and her brother is currently a trucker as well. Yurika chose a different career to begin her life. She studied and became a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Although she found her career rewarding, she longed for the open road and independence of being a truck driver. Yurika came to Advanced Career Institute’s Fresno Campus with a goal in mind of becoming a truck driver and earning her Class A CDL! She most certainly obtained her goal!


    During her time at Advanced Career Institute, Yurika said she, “really liked being able to get things done and learning new things while still having fun. Both the instructors & other students were very helpful and friendly. The relationships that were built at ACI is what I miss the most.” Yurika was overjoyed when she had learned she got a perfect score at the DMV. She felt very blessed to have such a great support system. From both her family and the ACI staff and instructors, Yurika believes her success comes from them.


    What’s next for Yurika in the trucking industry? She is very excited to begin driving for TJT in Coalinga, where she resides. She looks forward to this new career path and all of the adventures she is about to embark upon. For her future, she is most excited about trying to start her own trucking company. This is something her father and she had discussed prior to his passing and would really like to do it in honor of him. We have all the belief in the world that Yurika will accomplish her goals and we are excited to see what’s in her future!


    Again, we want to congratulate Yurika on her accomplishments. We love seeing our students are succeeding in their new career. Yurika earned her CDL by training at Advanced Career Institute. ACI provides both CDL training and Welding training throughout California’s Central Valley. If you’re interested in beginning a career as a professional truck driver, learn more about our CDL training programs.  
  • What Would Happen if Truckers Stopped Driving

    Every product you touch was made available to you thanks to a truck driver. If that seems like a bold statement, take a moment to look around you. Food, beverages, electronics, clothing, and furniture are all in full or in-part transported from somewhere else to be purchased or assembled by you or a service you use! If all the truck drivers suddenly stopped driving their trucks, not only would luxuries become unavailable, but necessities as well. Clothes and home goods wouldn't make it to our favorite department stores. Food would not be delivered to grocery stores or restaurants! Bottled water would run out quickly.

    Life Without Truck Drivers

    Consequences of a world without truck drivers extend beyond the products that are transported for us to buy directly. Restaurants wouldn't be able to remain open without supplies. The same applies to service providers ranging from salons to hospitals! Without truck drivers, medical supplies would never reach the people who desperately need them. It is not an overstatement to say that truck drivers are the heartbeat of the economy. In fact, it may be more accurate to compare them to the blood that flows through the country, bringing goods to the people who depend on them to survive.

    Why the World Needs Truckers

    The demand for truck drivers will only increase in the coming years. As every other market seems to change from year to year or even month to month, the only thing changing in the trucking industry is that more products need to be transported! Almost every other career, in a big or small way, relies on truck drivers. Become a part of the lifeblood of the economy. Check out Advanced Career Institute and get on the road to your truck driving career today.
  • What is Your Next Step after Earning Your CDL?

    If you're reading this blog, you're probably interested in driving a big rig or have some degree of training and want to know what to expect after the certification process. Simply put, once an individual completes their CDL training, they're ready to land a job and put their CDL to use. Passing the test and completing Commercial Truck Driver training is mandatory before you hit the road. This user-friendly guide will help users understand what they can expect after CDL training.

    What To Expect After CDL Training

    You know what it takes to get your CDL. Now, we'll take a deeper look into what to expect after the certification process.
    1.  Find A Suitable Carrier.  
    The first step after completing your CDL training is signing with a carrier. Find a carrier as soon as possible because there will still be a few steps involved before you hit the open road. Advanced Career Institute will help you with carrier options upon completing their course. In fact, there are several trucking companies who are eager to hire ACI students and graduates. What To Look For In A CDL Carrier: 
    • Pay
    • Benefits
    • Opportunities/Flexibility
    2. Advanced Carrier Training.   Once you've decided on a carrier, it's more than likely the carrier has its own unique training course. This is also considered to be your "next level" of training. A carrier will usually provide additional training until they're confident you can navigate the road on your own. Don't panic though, you're on the road to earning money by completing the CDL training. 3. You're Ready To Hit The Road!  Now it's time to take the wheel of your big rig. You've decided on a carrier, completed additional training, and you're ready to begin your career as a professional truck driver. You will have the opportunity to drive using your CDL with your new trucking company. After a few years of experience, you'll be able to continue your solo truck driving career or work as a team. In fact, CDL drivers with experience have an opportunity to expand their driving career to different areas (i. e. hazardous material, bus driver, etc.).

    Why Choose Advanced Career Institute

    At Advanced Career Institute, students receive comprehensive training for Class A and Class B CDL certification. Best of all, graduates with good standing with the school will receive Job Placement Assistance. We simplify the transition from training to actual driving. Our team of experts will provide you with the tools necessary to find a job in truck driving. You're encouraged to contact us at the Advanced Career Institute to accelerate your career in the trucking industry today.
  • tanker truck driving on road

    The Pros and Cons of CDL Endorsements

    When you see those little letters on your Commercial Driver's License (CDL), just what comes to mind? Are they relevant to your career? Those little letters (i.e. endorsements) are the government's way of giving commercial drivers the authority to transport heavy, sensitive, difficult, people, or potentially hazardous cargo. Endorsements certify that commercial drivers have received the necessary training needed for specific commercial driving tasks.

    Endorsements that may be added to your CDL:

    •  H-Hazardous Materials*
    •  N-Tank Vehicles*
    •  P-Passenger**
    •  S-School bus**
    •  T-Double/Triple Trailers*
    •  X-Tank Vehicle/Hazardous Materials Endorsements*
    *Knowledge Test Only **Knowledge & Skills test CDL endorsements do matter. Consider how much a driver with a Hazmat Endorsement makes versus a driver that isn't certified. The blog, Trucker Country says, having the right endorsements, "can land driver's a meaningful career with higher pay." They also agree that every endorsement that a driver pursues broadens their driving opportunities. The CDL certification exams are short, simple, and very affordable. So, with the opportunities that CDL endorsements can add to your career, it's a great idea to qualify for as many as possible. Diverse CDL endorsements offer you flexibility and increase your job opportunities. Drivers that wish to switch fields can go from a truck driver to a bus driver with ease. Plus, multiple endorsements give you the edge over other drivers. If you qualify to drive a double or triple trailer or even a tank, you will have the advantage over other applicants without the qualifying endorsements. You may not ever use all of your endorsements or feel like it's a drawback that has cost you time and money. Quite arguably, an employer may see you as a mature more qualified applicant because you went through the time and expense of qualifying for multiple endorsements. The endorsements that suit your lifestyle or career goals will be entirely up to the driver. Your decision about endorsement certification should be based on the longevity of your career and not a spare of the moment decision. The endorsements that you choose could determine your future and the success of your career in truck driving.

    Why Truck Drivers Choose The Advanced Career Institute

    Advanced Career Institute offers advanced CDL training programs to get you started in a career in truck driving. We also cater to students with no prior experience or knowledge of the trucking industry with our Class A training. Our hands-on training and curriculum help our students succeed with confidence. With over 25 years of experience, we understand the unique situations and challenges that our students may be facing and we're here to help. If you qualify, our financial assistance programs can help you pay for tuition. Contact us today for more details on a rewarding career in trucking available to both men and women.
  • Making it Through Your CDL Training

    Going back to school for continuing education midway through your career is never an easy decision, but it can provide benefits that will stay with you for the rest of your career in that industry. The same can get said for going back to CDL school to help you start a new career. The following are several tips to help you make the most of your CDL training as you start a new career and take part in training for your job as a truck driver...

    Have a Mind Open to Learning

    When you go back to school to get your CDL, it can be challenging, but it needs to get done with an open mind. You will learn lots of new things for the first time. While it might seem overwhelming, in the end, taking the information you learn to apply to your career is what will help you pass your CDL test.

    Be Coachable

    Being coachable means that you take the information that you learn and you use it to help you advance in your new career. Everything you get taught at ACI is to help prepare you for the road ahead (no pun intended) and to become a safe and cautious driver. Learn and improve your skills and you will become a better employee and a more hireable candidate.

    Come with Optimism & A Positive Attitude

    Coming in with a positive attitude and an open mind rather than being pessimistic and unopened to change will help you make the most out of the education. Everyone at Advanced Career Institute wants the very best for you and to see you succeed.

    Learn From Constructive Criticism

    Constructive criticism is part of any sort of learning and career training. When our teachers and mentors give you criticism, they never mean to insult or belittle you, but rather are there to teach you the industry standards and how to do your job more effectively. Take the critical thinking in the mindset that they want you to succeed and do whatever you can to help yourself learn the skills needed for the job.

    Avoid Putting Mentors/Instructors Down

    The instructors at the Advanced Career Institute care about you not only as a student who is paying to get an education but for you as an individual who wants to improve your life and make a better living. Returning that respect and working with our instructors will only help you be better at your new job. It will also help you have a better learning experience along the way.

    Believe In Yourself

    The amount of information you learn while in school training for your CDL can be very overwhelming. Taking in the information can seem challenging. Believe in yourself and your ability to understand what you are learning. You can remember this information and make a better life for yourself moving forward with trucking as your new career.   These are just some traits that will help you succeed in earning your Commercial Driver's License. ACI is here to help you get through the learning process that is part of becoming a full-time truck driver. For further assistance or to come in and speak to us, please contact us today.