Tis The Season to Thank A Driver

Show Your Appreciation For Our Road Heroes!

For many, the holiday season drums up memories of large food spreads, festive decorations adorning businesses and homes alike, and unwrapping gifts of all sizes. But have you ever stopped to think about how those items arrived in your hands just in time for your special celebration? Professional truck drivers play a large part in that process. They transport goods from turkeys to holiday trees and everything in between. These men and women sacrifice spending this special time with their loved ones to ensure our gatherings go off without a hitch. Now more than ever, it’s important to show them how thankful we are for their service. Keep reading to see different ways you can thank a professional driver during this time of giving!

Thank A Driver with a Home Cooked Meal

Drivers have limited home-cooked meal options while on the road, meaning they often eat typical truck stop snacks or fast-food items. To show appreciation for the hard work they are providing this season, you can opt to share your own turkey spread! Alternatively, there are many organizations, such as Meals for 18 Wheels, where you can volunteer to deliver ready-made meals to drivers. Whichever you choose may seem like a small sentiment, but truck drivers will for sure be very grateful!

Show Thanks by Picking Up the Check

If your celebrations happen at a restaurant or diner, check if any drivers are also enjoying a meal. If so, you can offer to cover their bill. You could even invite them to join in your festivities, as many of them are away from their own celebrations and traditions. Truck drivers can provide great company and interesting conversations, as they encounter something new every day that they’re driving across the country. And to think, all of that could begin with a small kind gesture of gratitude!

Spread Holiday Cheer with Thank-You Themed Goody Bags

A great way to get the whole family involved is to set up a goody bag creation station to pass out to drivers you encounter throughout the season. The bags can be filled with travel-size essential items, grab-and-go snacks, or holiday-themed décor they can use to spruce up their trucks. You might also want to include a themed greeting card that everyone can sign. The best part – these items can be purchased at your local dollar store! Once all the bags are filled, make sure to keep them somewhere that can be easily accessed to hand out, such as your car. This inexpensive gift idea can have the biggest impact on a driver’s day!

Post on Social Media Using the #ThankATrucker Hashtag

Social media has become a very popular way for drivers to keep in touch with their family and friends. This gives you the perfect opportunity to show your thankfulness to drivers, and best of all – it’s free to do! Before you post, make sure to include the hashtag #ThankATrucker so your message can reach even more drivers than you thought possible! You can also repost messages from others who are using the hashtag to spread their positive sentiments. Lastly, you can ask your friends or followers to also create a caption with the hashtag and help spread good messages to all drivers!

Truck Drivers Thank Advanced Career Institute

While everyone is thanking our heroes of the road, truck drivers are also showing their gratitude to those who helped them get where they are today. Advanced Career Institute has received many heartfelt messages of thanks and appreciation from our graduates who underwent our CDL training program and have gone on to create successful and lucrative driving careers with our trucking partners. Many graduates share their stories with us online, but some make sure to stop by their campus in person. Drivers also make sure to stop by our Job Placement program offices to pass along their gratitude to those who helped get the ball rolling toward their new careers.

Let ACI help you begin your new driving career! Fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 866-218-7968 to get your spot reserved in our next class!