Equal Pay Opportunities Draw Women to Trucking

Life as a trucker is more and more favorable for women with the chance of equal pay!

Updated November 2022

As the labor market tightens, many women are looking to infiltrate male-dominated industries in search of higher and equal pay. According to a Women in Trucking study, the percentage of female drivers in the trucking industry grew from 2019 to 2022. Female professional drivers increased to 13.7%, a three percent increase from 2019. Many are citing competitive pay as their motive for entrance into the industry.

Noticing the discrepancy between the amount of male and female truckers, Ellen Voie began the Women In Trucking Association in 2007. She wanted to create a network of female truck drivers and encourage a more diverse representation of women in the profession. While helping the general public better visualize female truck drivers, Voie hopes that other women will be encouraged to get licensed as well. The association continues to raise awareness of specific issues, such as equal pay, to help bring more women to the industry. They also want to focus on the encouragement of more women in executive and managerial positions.

If you are a woman 0r know a woman interested in getting started in the trucking industry, here are some facts you can share with them about the opportunities trucking provides:

  • Truckers’ pay is determined by load, hours, and mileage. Therefore, gender, ethnicity, or age does not affect your earning potential.
  • The advancement opportunities for a truck driver are endless, and all depend on your personal hard work.
  • With more women grasping at the opportunity for equal pay, we can predict a climbing rate of female employment nationally, which is a small part of acting against female poverty in the United States.
  • In addition to pay opportunities, as a trucker, you will get the freedom to travel and see the beautiful country.

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