4 Reasons to Drive Over-the-Road

Why OTR Truck Driving is a Smart Decision

Nearly anyone in the trucking industry has to think about the pros and cons of local versus OTR (over-the-road) truck driving. For some in this industry, the answer comes easily. One must consider their current life situation, such as marital/family status, financial situation, and personal preferences. Let’s look at a few reasons a truck driver may opt for OTR over local trucking.

Easier Driving

While local driving usually requires difficult navigation through streets and intersections, OTR involves interstate driving. A new driver can gain experience through long stretches of highway and small amounts of navigation at pick-up and drop-off sites. Anyone who likes hitting the open road will prefer driving nationally vs city driving.


Local driving usually involves being monitored over every mile, taking a specific route, and constant communication. Some may find this too restrictive and choose the relatively increased freedom that OTR offers. While an over-the-road driver will need to communicate with dispatch and answer for delays, the freedom of OTR is similar to being your own boss. As long as shipments arrive on time and in good condition, oversight is moderate to minimal.

Job Security

Local trucking drivers may find little work as the industry continues to expand into more national carriers. However, an OTR driver is free to go find work. Carriers are in constant need for new drivers, and in a tight labor market, that need becomes urgent. In a recent poll of large carriers, 76 percent said they were looking for new drivers.

Rising Income

An increasing amount of freight to be moved is adding to the need for qualified drivers. This also means that drivers are negotiating larger incomes as demand for their services becomes urgent. OTR drivers travel many miles, and more miles equals better benefits and more money earned.


While OTR truck driving does require commitment, the benefits can far exceed personal sacrifice in most cases. It is worthwhile to do a self-assessment of your wants, needs, and abilities to determine if a career on the open road is desirable and beneficial. If you are looking to enter trucking and still need that CDL, contact Advanced Career Institute and see how we can get you started in this high demand industry.