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Welding Jobs: Where Can You Find Work?

Job Opportunities for Welders

To the outsider, welding is a career where what you do and where you work is kind of… a secret. Everyone knows what lawyers, doctors, and construction workers do. But unless you know a welder personally, you may not even know what a welder does or where they work.

Many people picture welders working in a dark, dank, factory-type setting. They’re sitting alone, behind a mask, welding metal all day. This obviously isn’t reality, and there are many employers who have an immediate need for qualified welders in their companies. Many of these opportunities are in the manufacturing field. In this field, welders create and build products, perform repairs in the factories, or even travel to repair machines they’ve built.

Some companies are also needing to hire Welding Machine Operators. They don’t typically weld by hand, but instead operate welding machines. Their specialized skill puts them in great demand, since they know multiple welding techniques and can use industrial welding equipment. Large manufacturers usually employ welding machine operators as part of a semi-automated production process. However, being trained in “manual” welding techniques gives you the upper-hand because you have a working knowledge of the process.

There are a variety of other fields in which you can use welding techniques to make a living. Welders are in demand in the construction industry, in shipbuilding, the auto industry, or even aerospace. Solderers and brazers are similar to welders; however, welders usually complete their work at temperatures lower than the melting point of the joined pieces. Soldering is used in manufacturing processes, while brazing is used in plumbing and construction work. Cutters use arc torches or plasma and oxy-gas welding cutters in their work. Welding cutters often work as cutting machine operators. These operators dismantle large metal objects to obtain, reuse, or scrap metal parts.

The Important Part of Any Welding Job

Whatever field you find yourself working in, the important part of any welding job is making sure you are responsible, and work hard. No one is an expert right out of school, you’ll have to work your way up and learn as much as you can along the way. Ask questions and learn what you can from the “old timers” – they’ll be the ones to teach you different techniques, or show you how different machines work. Overall, if you show that you’re willing to work, you’ll soon find that you’re no longer the “Rookie” and that someone else is looking up to you.

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