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What’s Driving the Trucker Shortage

How it will Increase in the Coming Years

The trucking industry is chronically short of drivers, and that isn’t likely to be fixed anytime soon. For someone considering a career in trucking, this is great news. Jobs are plentiful and companies are paying their truckers more than ever.

Why the Shortage

The main reason for the driver shortage is the increased need for cargo moving at the same time many baby boomers are aging out of driving jobs. Amazon and Walmart are examples of the increased need for cargo movement, selling increasingly more items by the internet. The economy is humming as well, which increases the number of goods moving over the roads.

Additionally, Electronic monitoring and maximum hours rules have increased the number of days it takes to complete longer trips. The improved safety is a plus, but longer trip times also mean an increase in the number of drivers needed.

Why it will Continue

At a time when more drivers are needed, there are many older truckers hanging up their driving gloves to retire. Dan Leathers, head of Werner Enterprises, recently told NPR in an interview that the average trucker is 10 years older than the average worker. This means the aging of boomers hits trucking harder than other industries. In their 2017 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis, ATA’s chief economist estimated the driver shortage would increase to 174,000 by the year 2026 and that hiring would need to be about 90,000 drivers per year to meet demand.

How it will Improve

According to a survey by American Trucking Associations (ATA) of 100,000 drivers, pay for truckers rose 15 percent from 2013 to 2017. And the increase was even better, at 18 percent, for drivers working for private fleets. Improved benefits and bonuses are also being used to attract more drivers. For those entering the trucking profession, that’s bright news.

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