The Not-So-Secret Entry Level Welder Resume Tips

How to Make Your Welder Resume Stand Out

Entry level welders have to figure out a way to make their resume stand out from the rest of the pack. The question is how to make your resume catch the eye of a recruiter and land an interview. The answer depends on the employer, but there are some common themes amongst the most successful entry level welding resumes.

Recognize What Welding Employers are Looking For

The best welding candidates are able to read and understand sketches and diagrams to determine the exact materials and operations needed for each welding project. It is not enough to know how to properly set up and maintain welding equipment. The candidate should know how to use an array of semi-automatic and manual welding tools. A candidate with additional skills, talents and knowledge will have a competitive edge. An example is the ability to use metal shaping machines or flame-cutting equipment. Let’s take a look at some helpful resume tips for entry level welders.

Highlight Your Skills on Your Welder Resume

Use your welder resume to highlight the skills you are good at. If you understand the ins and outs of pipeline construction, structured fabrication, brazing, soldering, shop mathematics or blueprint interpretation, put it “above the fold” of your resume. This means your key skills should be listed in the upper half of your resume so they grab the attention of the recruiter.

Show Why You Are Better Than Other Candidates

Your resume will receive minimal attention unless you find a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. You can differentiate yourself either through the design or the way you talk about your skills and experiences. Try to avoid using a standard resume template you find online. Furthermore, using the same words and phrases as other entry level welding candidates will not separate you from the pack. Be as original and creative as possible without coming off as overly eccentric. Highlight your skills, certifications and relevant employment history in an artful manner and you will eventually land an interview.

Tailor Your Welder Resume for the Open Position

The entire purpose of your resume is to express why you are a solid match for the open position. Cater each resume to the job description of the position you are applying for and you will increase the odds of getting an interview.

Include Relevant Non-Welding Certifications

Non-welding certifications should be highlighted as long as they are relevant to the position’s responsibilities. Examples of relevant certifications include OSHA training, first aid and certified rigger.

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