Tire Maintenance Tips for Truckers with a California CDL

Safe Driving Techniques for Professional Truck Drivers

Tire maintenance is vital because it can help improve fuel economy in your truck as well as reduce the possibility of roadside emergencies. Check out these 3 easy tips to keep your load running smooth and efficiently.

Take Advantage of Pre-Trip Inspection

Prior to beginning every route, truckers holding a California CDL should perform a pre-trip inspection. A pre-trip inspection includes ensuring your tires are in good condition and are working properly. At this time, truck drivers should focus on inflation and inspection of their tires.

It is crucial to monitor tire pressure. When tires are overinflated, less of the tire touches the ground resulting in reduced traction, which negatively affects stopping distances. However, underinflated tires result in increased friction between the tires and the ground causing them to wear prematurely. Low tire pressure may also cause tires to overheat, which could potentially lead to an accident. Tires preform best when the truck’s recommended tire pressure is maintained. Tires are created to hold a certain amount of air to efficiently carry the load. It is advised to avoid fluctuating from the recommended tire pressure.

Clean Tires & Wheels

Not only are clean tires necessary for a trucks visual aesthetics, but they ensure durability. Washing wheel and tires should be a key component in every truck driver’s maintenance routine because brake dust and other elements on the road including salt can eat away at the rubber causing them to crack and deteriorate. The next time your tasked with cleaning your truck, ensure your wheels are squeaky clean.

Pay Attention to Driving Habits

Last but not least, poor driving habits are a leading issue in tread wear. Habits to break include speeding, last minute braking and excessive tire spinning in snow and ice. These habits often result in curbing and the creation of flat spots.


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