3 Easy Tips for Sustainable Trucking

How to Improve Fuel Economy in Your Truck

Our nation and economy depends heavily on the trucking industry. Trucks transport an assortment of goods that we rely on in order to maintain our every day way of life. Trucking is the only efficient way of transporting goods across the country.

That being said, we must also take into consideration the carbon footprint of the trucking industry. Many trucking companies have began to shift their focus towards environmental consciousness. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation accounts for nearly 27% of greenhouse gas emissions. When released in high concentrations, greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere which essentially warms our planet. As the planet warms, there is a ripple effect that negatively affects various aspects of the climate and overall environment. This may include: creating more severe natural disasters, melting sea ice and receding coastal lines.

As a trucker, you cannot solely rely on your carrier to make all of the environmentally conscious adjustments. There are a variety of simple ways to reduce your truck emissions and improve the fuel economy in your truck (which saves you and the company money!) Read on to learn 3 easy tips for sustainable trucking!

Control Speed & Minimize Idling Time

You play a major part in controlling the fuel economy in your truck. Improving the fuel economy in your truck can reduce your personal carbon footprint. A study conducted by the American Trucking Association showed a 35 percent difference in the most and least fuel efficient drivers. Here are a few of ways to improve your truck’s fuel economy:

  • – Maintain an average speed (ideally around 55 mph)
  • – Use cruise control when possible
  • – Minimize idling time
  • – Reduce the amount of times you accelerate and decelerate

Create Efficient Routines

The fuel efficiency in your truck is only partially controlled by your actual driving and gear shifting. A lot of it has to do with the weather, routes you choose to take, truck maintenance and aerodynamics. Luckily for you, you can semi-control some of these elements. Develop fuel efficient routines by:

  • – Fueling in the morning
  • – Driving routes with less traffic and stop lights
  • – Plan routes with efficient drop offs and rest stops
  • – Maximize your time at rest stops

Reducing the carbon footprint of the trucking industry begins with you. Every little adjustment has a positive effect on your individual fuel economy and on the environment as a whole.


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