CDL Endorsements: What Can They Do For You?

The Pros and Cons of CDL Endorsements

When you see those little letters on your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), just what comes to mind? Are they relevant to your career? Those little letters (i.e. endorsements) are the government’s way of giving commercial drivers the authority to transport heavy, sensitive, difficult, people, or potentially hazardous cargo. Endorsements certify that commercial drivers have received the necessary training needed for specific commercial driving tasks.

Endorsements that may be added to your CDL:

  •  H-Hazardous Materials*
  •  N-Tank Vehicles*
  •  P-Passenger**
  •  S-School bus**
  •  T-Double/Triple Trailers*
  •  X-Tank Vehicle/Hazardous Materials Endorsements*

*Knowledge Test Only

**Knowledge & Skills test

CDL endorsements do matter. Consider how much a driver with a Hazmat Endorsement makes versus a driver that isn’t certified. The blog, Trucker Country says, having the right endorsements, “can land driver’s a meaningful career with higher pay.” They also agree that every endorsement that a driver pursues broadens their driving opportunities. The CDL certification exams are short, simple, and very affordable. So, with the opportunities that CDL endorsements can add to your career, it’s a great idea to qualify for as many as possible.

Diverse CDL endorsements offer you flexibility and increase your job opportunities. Drivers that wish to switch fields can go from a truck driver to a bus driver with ease. Plus, multiple endorsements give you the edge over other drivers. If you qualify to drive a double or triple trailer or even a tank, you will have the advantage over other applicants without the qualifying endorsements.

You may not ever use all of your endorsements or feel like it’s a drawback that has cost you time and money. Quite arguably, an employer may see you as a mature more qualified applicant because you went through the time and expense of qualifying for multiple endorsements.

The endorsements that suit your lifestyle or career goals will be entirely up to the driver. Your decision about endorsement certification should be based on the longevity of your career and not a spare of the moment decision. The endorsements that you choose could determine your future and the success of your career in truck driving.

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