50 Questions All Truckers Should Ask Recruiters

Finding the Best Carrier for Your Lifestyle

When considering which trucking carrier you will work for, you have many options to consider. Trucking is a job that is currently in high demand with ~60,000 available throughout the U.S. as of 2019. This high demand for truckers means that you also have your choice of which type of trucking job you would like to do. Whether you prefer to be a local, regional, or over-the-road trucking, here is a position out there to meet your needs!

Speaking to the Recruiters:

During your CDL training at Advanced Career Institute, you will have the opportunity to speak with several trucking companies. When talking to the recruiters, be sure that you are getting a feel for what that specific truck carrier has to offer. Each carrier will offer their perks and benefits. It will be all about finding one that fits your particular lifestyle and your personal needs. There is no one “right choice” for everyone. Asking the right questions up front and being honest about your needs and expectations in the industry will help you come out with a satisfactory experience once you choose with whom you want to work.

50 Questions to Consider Asking Recruiters:

Before you go to a recruiter event, consider writing down what you want to ask the recruiters before you commit to working for any specific company once you get your CDL. The following are 50 questions that you may consider asking as a start when you are looking to find the truck carrier that works best for your needs:

  1. What is your company’s home-time policy?
  2. How much time off can I expect to get through your company’s home-time policy?
  3. Will my days off vary or be consistent?
  4. What is your policy for needing extra time off (i.e., medical needs, injury outside of work, illness, family emergencies, etc.)?
  5. What kind of paid vacation do you offer me to start?
  6. How much more vacation time can I earn by staying with this carrier and how long will it take for that vacation time to accumulate?
  7. Are there restrictions on when I can use my vacation time (i.e., only taking so long off at once, not taking off around holidays, etc.)?
  8. Do vacation days expire annually or can they carry over into the next year?
  9. How many vacation days can I accumulate before I must use them?
  10. Which routes do your drivers most often travel?
  11. How many driving miles can I expect to log?
  12. How many miles away from home will I be expected to travel?
  13. What kind of equipment do I need to get comfortable working with/
  14. Will my truck be equipped with air-ride suspension?
  15. What size (how many tons) will the truck weigh?
  16. Do you provide layover pay?
  17. How long is the average layover period?
  18. How many loads can I expect to haul each week/month?
  19. Do you require drivers to “slip-seat” to take time off?
  20. What do you pay drivers for each job position (i.e., local or regional drivers versus OTR drivers)?
  21. What kind of raises may I receive overtime?
  22. What is my top earning potential in this position?
  23. Does the cost of living in my area affect how much you will pay me?
  24. What are the potentials for promotions in the future?
  25. What do my promotion potentials end up paying once I earn them,?
  26. How long will it take me to earn a pay increase?
  27. What kinds of benefits does your carrier offer to its drivers?
  28. Do you offer your drivers full health insurance benefits?
  29. Do you provide healthcare coverage for drivers families?
  30. What plans can I choose from when I am picking my healthcare?
  31. Do you offer short-term disability coverage to your workers?
  32. Do you offer retirement benefits such as 401ks?
  33. Do you offer pension benefits to drivers?
  34. If you provide retirement benefits, what matches on employee contributions do you make to my retirement?
  35. Do you provide driver bonus opportunities?
  36. How do you earn bonuses and what are the criteria for qualifying for them?
  37. When do you provide bonus pay and when can I expect to receive any bonuses that I have earned?
  38. Is there a limit of how many bonuses (or the dollar value) that a driver can earn annually?
  39. Do you offer new driver sign-on bonuses?
  40. Does your carrier pay for lumpers?
  41. Who is responsible for loading or unloading trucks if you don’t hire lumpers?
  42. Do drivers ever have to unload their trucks?
  43. What are your deadline policies for delivering goods?
  44. What are the consequences for me as an employee if a delivery deadline gets missed?
  45. What about missing deadlines for circumstances beyond my control (i.e. truck breakdowns, personal health issues, bad weather, closed roads, traffic, accidents, etc.)?
  46. Will I get a dedicated truck driver manager?
  47. What type of on-the-job training will I receive as a new driveR?
  48. Do I receive mentorship as a new driver?
  49. What are the policies you have on how many hours I must rest versus how many hours I may drive at one time?
  50. Are there any other company policies or rules of which I  need to be made aware?


These are just 50 fundamental questions that you will want to consider asking recruiters to see if their carrier meets your needs. It’s all about finding a trucking job that is an excellent fit for you personally and for your lifestyle. This vital information includes much of what you will want and need to know to make the most informed choice possible about your career moving forward!

For further information about questions you will want to ask a recruiter before signing on to work with a truck carrier please be sure to contact us at the Advanced Career Institute for further assistance.