Welding Safety: Just as Important as the Job

Welding can be an exciting career, but as with any job, you need to take the proper steps to ensure your safety. Any experienced welder will tell you to follow these steps in order to have a long successful career. Keeping yourself and your work environment safe is just as important as the welding job itself. Following these steps will get you on the path to workplace safety.

1. Dress for Success

You must always wear the appropriate protective clothing to cover your skin while welding. Any exposed skin could be burned and damaged by the infrared and ultraviolet rays.

2. Find the Right Hood

Make sure you are making informed choices when starting a welding project. Choose the best hood for your needs. One will allow you to do your job well, but also keep your neck and eyes safe.

3. Focus on Your Eyes

For a welder, protective eye gear is everything. Not wearing the correct eyewear can cause burns to your eyes which could result in permanent damage. It is important to protect your eyes at all times!

4. Search the Area

It should become a best practice to always check your work area before you begin a project. Be sure that you have all of the tools required. Also check that there are no damaged tools, lines, or wires.

5. Keep it Squeaky Clean

Keeping your area clean will not only allow you to function better on your job, but it will also keep you safe. Keeping things tidy will help prevent accidents and mishaps while welding. Know exactly where your tools and safety items are at all times!

6. Store Your Gas Cylinder

There is a reason that chemicals have specific requirements for safe storage and it is your responsibility to follow them.  Do not overlook to the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe storage. There is a reason they are there.

7. Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are just around the corner with any welding jobs. Any loose clothing or material could easily pose a risk of fire. Be sure to monitor where your sparks are landing.

8. Check the Air Quality

Check your area before beginning a project. Make sure your area is properly ventilated so that you are getting enough fresh air. You don’t want to have to worry about fainting in the middle of a welding project.

9. Don’t Cut Corners

Don’t try to evade safety practices to get the job done quicker. This is asking for an accident to happen. Like mentioned previously, the safety procedures are put there for a reason.

10. Make it a Habit

Making safety a priority every day instead of something optional will get you into the habit of following safety rules, this makes it routine instead of a chore.


Welding is a rewarding career that has unlimited opportunities. If you are interested in starting your training to become a welder, contact us today.