Helpful Information About Potential Welding Careers & Trucking Jobs

  • An image of two ACI Fresno welding students working together to weld two metal parts together in class.

    A Closer Look at Our Welding Classes

    Our Fresno welding students just completed a fabrication project for our campus in Fresno. A lot of hard work went into making these benches! We are always proud when our students accomplish great things. We are especially excited to be able to show these off to those that visit or attend our school! An image of a bench that ACI Fresno welding students welded together for a class project. An image of the bench welding project that ACI Fresno welding students recently completed.
  • An image of ACI graduate, Brad Kline, wearing an orange sweatshirt and white hat, standing in front of a red ACI truck.

    A New Visalia Campus Graduate

    Congratulations to recent ACI Visalia Campus graduate Brad Kline for completing our AG-20 program! He is ready to start his new career as a commercial freight driver for a local company. We know he will accomplish great things in his new career. Way to go, Brad!
  • An image of ACI graduate, Alonzo Washington, holding his CDL Certificate with a thumbs up, standing in front of a white ACI truck.

    Job Well Done, Congratulations!

    We are super proud of recent Visalia graduate, Alonzo Washington. He went through our 600hr AG-20 course and is excited to enhance his current career with Fed Ex Ground as an express driver. Great Job! Whether you are starting out in a new career, or wanting to move up in your current one, we can help! Contact us today for enrollment options, including class programs, schedules, and financial assistance. We're here to help! 1-877-649-9614
  • An image of an ACI graduate, who obtained his Class B CDL, holding a brown package while standing in front of his white delivery truck.

    Jobs You Can Get With a Class B CDL

    When you’re looking to jump into the trucking industry, there are many decisions you need to make. The main decision is figuring out which class of CDL you need. Each CDL license enables you to drive different trucks - so how do you know which CDL is right for you? How do you know you want to pursue Class B CDL training, instead of a Class A?

    Well, let's discuss the two.

    In short, a Class A CDL covers the operation of vehicles with a gross vehicle rating of more than 26,000 lbs, and towing a trailer of 10,000 lbs. or more. A Class B CDL allows the driver to operate a vehicle towing a trailer of less than 10,000 lbs. Drivers with a Class A CDL do have a larger range of vehicles to drive, and with your Class A CDL, you are qualified to drive Class A, B, and C vehicles. Drivers holding a Class B CDL may only operate Class B and Class C rated vehicles.

    So, which license is for you?

    Jobs for those with a Class B CDL typically include driving “straight trucks,” which is a term for trucks in which the axels are attached to a single frame. By contrast, a semi-truck or tractor-trailer combination has axles attached to multiple frames. and requires a Class A CDL. Other Class B driving jobs include delivery driving, and jobs like driving dump trucks for landscaping and construction companies. With the assistance of endorsements, you can pursue other opportunities, like bus driving. With a Class B CDL, there are any number of jobs you can pursue. Driving smaller commercial vehicles and haulers can afford you many jobs, and just as with a Class A license, you can obtain endorsements that can give you additional opportunities in areas such as hazardous materials. At Advanced Career Institute, we offer two different Class B Training Programs to accommodate your scheduling needs and career goals. Our Class B program introduces students to the procedures and skills found in the driving industry while preparing students to obtain a Class B CDL with school or commercial bus certification and endorsements. Still not sure if getting your Class B is the way to go? Call and talk to one of our Admissions Representatives who can answer any questions you have, and help you determine the training program that is right for you. Give us a call at 1-877-649-9614, or simply fill out the request form you see at the top of this webpage. We are excited to help you figure out your enrollment options so you can get started on the road to your new driving career!
  • An image of a woman truck driver sitting in her truck, looking out the driver's side window, smiling.

    Activities to Do in Your Free Time

    A main struggle for truck drivers is finding things to do during your down time while on the road. Everything is fine and dandy for most truck drivers when you're actually driving. However, it is when you aren't driving that things start to get a little boring. Limits to driving hours are necessary, but the extra time it gives you isn’t necessarily your friend. Boredom can set in really quickly, and you need to do more than simply sleep to pass the time. During your travels, you won't always be familiar with your surroundings. And even if you are, you can't exactly take off and drive to the movie theater in your truck. So, what’s a lonely driver to do? Hunker down in your sleeper? Luckily for you there are a lot of options.


    How about simple sleep? It’s important to have hobbies, but don’t let it dominate your rack time. Getting plenty of rest is vital.


    Of course, you have the old standbys: reading and writing or some sort of hobby. These are all tremendous ways to pass the time, and can be educational for you as well. Many truck drivers bring DVD and blu ray discs or stream movies from services like Netflix or Amazon. The Internet gives you almost unlimited access to video and television on demand, depending on your programming provider.


    Have you considered getting out of the truck and getting a little exercise? While you should take caution where you run depending on the availability of safe areas, you can get some fresh air and exercise outside of the truck. You can invest in a mat to keep in the truck if you want to do calisthenics right outside of the truck, or you can go for a jog.

    Online Games

    Some drivers are gamers, and this can be a fun way to pass the time (and stay social via Internet connections), but you have to be careful to resist the urge to stay up all night playing. Also, you may run into bandwidth issues even if you can find a solid WiFi connection, as some free WiFi connections limit how much you can use (and gaming takes a ton, comparatively speaking).

    Become a Tourist

    If you want to plan your trip out a bit more, you can always try stopping around destinations and do a little exploring. This can certainly be more difficult to plot out, but can be fun and rewarding if you do it right. Whatever you do, keeping yourself entertained while on the road is vital to your success as a truck driver. The old expression goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and so too can it make truck driving a dull profession if you don’t take care. Keep things fun!
  • aci success story albert romo

    A New APTD Graduate

    Our recent ACI success story is Albert Romo who recently completed our Advanced Professional Truck Driving program from our ACI Visalia campus. We're very proud of his accomplishments and are excited to see him start his career at Swift Transportation. Great job Albert! Stay safe on the road; don't forget to come visit us! Interested in becoming an Advanced Professional Truck Driver? Learn more about our program here.