How Do School Bus Drivers Spend Their Downtime?

3 Things Bus Drivers Can Do Between Routes

Now that you’ve completed Bus Driver Training, I’m sure you’re wondering, “What exactly do bus drivers do during the day?” School bus drivers have an extensive break during their morning and afternoon routes. However, this break isn’t long enough for drivers to get a part-time, so they must find an alternative way to spend their time.

Keep reading to find out what many bus drivers tend to do during their downtime.

Drive Multiple School Bus Routes

Oftentimes, school bus drivers will choose to drive a variety of routes for the school system. Typically, high school students start earlier than middle school and elementary students. Many drivers will run their first high school route, and then proceed to run a second route to pick up middle school or elementary students depending on the start times of the different schools. This helps to shorten the downtime between their morning and afternoon routes.

Sometimes, school bus drivers will choose to drive for school field trips, sporting events and other extracurricular activities to make an extra buck and to lessen the downtime during the day.

Work Additional Jobs Within the School System

Many drivers tend to work in other areas in the school system. The most common jobs for school bus drivers to work are either in the school cafeteria or as a janitor. Most times, a bus driver’s break between their routes aligns perfectly with the school’s lunchtimes, making a cafeteria worker seem like an ideal option to not only earn additional money, but to fill their time during the day.

Also, some bus drivers work as mechanics in the bus garages or barns. Usually, bus drivers take their buses back to the garage after their morning routes which makes it easy for them to work directly in the same garage on other buses that need maintenance.

Take Advantage of Downtime

Lastly, some bus drivers take full advantage of their downtime. Many bus drivers run side businesses during this time and on their own free time to earn additional wages. However, some school bus drivers use this time to run errands, do household chores, spend time with family, eat lunch, and even take a quick nap.

Despite the extensive downtime, school bus drivers take on a huge responsibility. Not only are they responsible for navigating the road while behind the wheel of a huge vehicle, but they are also responsible for safely transporting 40+ kids to school and back home. Although it comes with huge responsibilities, a bus driving career is extremely rewarding.

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