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Skills Bus Drivers Should Have to Be Very Successful

Communication Skills that Will Allow You to Excel

In an article about the growing bus driver profession, US News said. “To truly enjoy being a bus driver, it helps to be a ‘people person.’”

Communication skills go a long way in this growing profession and having good customer service skills are almost as important as having the skills to operate a commercial bus.

“Everybody knows me,” said Stanley Carpenter, who works as a bus driver for a public transit organization in Dallas. “They don’t have to ring the bell to get off, because I know where they stop. … I’ve met two generations, almost three, of families riding my bus.”

“Relating to people is one of the best components of this profession,” reports US News. “And having this skill also helps drivers manage the mosaic of personalities and commuting problems they may encounter daily. In other words, the impatient and short-fused need not apply.”

Being able to go with the flow is another important trait for a professional bus driver to have as there are sometimes daily challenges to this career. That is why professional training from a school like Advanced can go a long way in preparing a person to become a quality bus driver.

“I just keep an even keel,” Carpenter added. “I stay right in the middle. It’s about the way you talk and the sound of your voice [when calming riders]. … I always try to sympathize with the customer.”

The bus driver profession is currently experiencing incredible growth, which is why many jobseekers are looking to this industry as a place to launch a new long-term career.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the bus driver profession will experience nearly 10 percent job growth for this profession between 2012 and 2022, which is close to the average pace for all occupations. Several factors should lead to job openings, including an increasing number of children who need transport to and from school and high gas prices, which lead more commuters to rely on public transportation. An additional 16,800 bus driver jobs will need to be filled during the next decade, the BLS reports.

If you are a people person who is looking for a new career in a growing industry then the bus driver profession might be the right spot for you, and Advanced could be the place to help launch that new career through its bus driver training program.

Bus drivers are needed in commercial operations and public transit systems. bus drivers are in high demand these days as schools across the country continue to look for professionally trained drivers and the Advanced Career Institute’s bus driving program offers the type of CDL training that schools are looking for. If you are looking to start a new career as a professional bus driver then the Advanced and can help you begin a highly rewarding career in this growing industry.

School bus drivers are not just chauffeurs. They are responsible for safely transporting children to school and events, making it one of the most important positions in a school system. Schools are looking for professionally trained drivers and those that understand the importance of safety and dedication. This job requires focus and attention to detail, especially when transporting children to and from school.

But beyond the personal sense of accomplishment a school bus driver receives each day, the position offers many personal benefits that make it a great career choice. Most school districts offer good benefits and pay, schedules are flexible and allow drivers to pursue other interests, and drivers are not required to have a high school or college degree. The only required education is training that can a help a driver earn his or her CDL. Most school districts also offer the chance to gain extra work, such as driving athletic teams and clubs or signing up for routes over the summer. There is also room for advancement as some drivers are promoted to administration positions in the bus department.

Becoming a professional bus driver could be the right option for a jobseeker who has people skills and is willing to complete a professional bus driver training at a school like Advanced, which is a national leader in preparing students to enter this growing career field.