Helpful Information About Potential Welding Careers & Trucking Jobs

  • The Fastest Growing Form of Transit

    America’s bus industry is moving forward, both literally and in the number of passengers it is transporting each year. Statistics show that intercity bus service is one of the fastest growing forms of transit in the nation and more bus drivers will be needed in the coming years. "For the third year in a row, the intercity bus service was the fastest growing mode of intercity transportation, outpacing air and rail transportation" according to the DePaul University Chaddick School for Metropolitan Development’s report on bus transit. "Intercity bus operations expanded by 6.0 percent in 2010, suggesting that the sector's renaissance is continuing." "This new study from the respected academics at DePaul University confirms that the travel mode shift toward buses is continuing, and it's easy to see why consumers are fast becoming loyal bus riders," American Bus Association President and CEO Peter Pantuso said in a press release about the study. "Buses beat planes, trains and automobiles in affordability, flexibility, and mobility. Buses are the safest greenest, most affordable, most hassle-free, and more often the most luxurious way to travel." The study also showed that bus service in the United States remained “robust through 2010 as a result of rising travel demand, escalating fuel prices, and investments in new routes." The bus industry is rapidly growing as more passengers are hopping aboard a bus as their primary form of transportation. If you are looking for fun and exciting job that offers a promising future, training to become a bus driver could be the right option for you.
  • An Important Part of the Transportation System

    America’s bus drivers play an important role in the transportation system, ranging from school bus drivers to motor coach drivers, city bus drivers to charter bus drivers. Bus drivers are also some of America’s safest transportation professionals as a recent National Transportation Safety Bureau report discovered that traveling by motor coach is the safest form of surface transportation in the country. Nearly 750 million passengers travel by motor coach and the numbers are expected to increase as passenger routes between cities are increasing each year. According to the American Bus Association, “Motor coach transportation is 20 times safer than driving your personal vehicle.” In fact, when buses are involved in accidents it is more likely to have been caused by another motorist than the bus driver itself. Buses play an important part of the nation’s transportation system, especially since they are much more flexible than airplanes and trains, lack many of the burdensome security regulations you find on airplanes, and can easily travel to small towns not serviced by any other form of transportation. Part of the reason for such good safety records is because many bus companies are careful to hire experienced and professional trained drivers. If driving a bus is a profession you are considering then completing a training program at the Advanced Career Institute could be the best first step to take. The bus industry is growing and more drivers are needed, but transportation companies want to ensure that the drivers they hire are not only licensed, but well trained in the areas of maintenance and safety.
  • A Non-Traditional Career Opportunity

    The demand for welding professionals is as high as it’s ever been as numerous companies say they are having a hard time meeting demand. Part of the shortage stems from the fact that the economy is rebounding and construction projects are increasing. But there is also a shortage of welders because fewer people are entering the profession. There have been many reasons given for the drop in students who choose to study welding, but several economists have theorized that the growth of computer technology and careers in that field has contributed to the drop off. Also, some economists believe there is a misconception among many that welding is not an exciting or well-paying career. However, that’s simply not true. Workers with professional training in welding and advanced welding technologies regularly enter the workforce with a higher starting pay than the national average. The shortage of experienced welders is leading many companies to raise salaries in hopes of attracting the best welders, and many welding positions come with excellent benefit packages. As for the job being less than exciting, nothing could be further from the truth. Welders work in a variety of settings, ranging from construction sites to oil rigs. Welders must also be trained in a variety of techniques, including Oxy-Acetylene cutting and brazing, SMAW (Arc), GMAW (MIG) and FCAW (Flux Core) in ferrous metals. It wouldn’t be accurate to call welding a “dangerous” job, but it does require a close attention to safety procedures. Professionally trained welders are able to safely perform their duties while on the job site. The Advanced Career Institute’s welder training program prepares students to enter this in-demand profession and be able to quickly gain work at companies looking to keep up with rising demand. Students who complete the welder training program are able to enter the welding profession and work in general purpose machinery manufacturing, agriculture/construction/mining machinery manufacturing, commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair/maintenance, architectural and structural metals manufacturing, motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing. Students are also prepared to obtain American Welding Society (AWS) welder performance certification. The drop in welding interest might have also taken place because those that enjoy problem solving and working with math believed they could better find those characteristics in a computer based profession. However, welders are required to read site blueprints, understand construction math and solve problems on a job site. Plus, welders are not stuck performing these tasks from behind a desk. The welding industry can offer job seekers a long-lasting and great paying career, especially if you are someone who enjoys using your hands, being outdoors and solving problems. If you are interested in a welding career the Advanced Career Institute can help you reach that goal.
  • High Demand in Welding

    The welding industry is being hit with a two-punch attack that has created a shortage of professional welders. Companies are desperate to hire skilled welders so they can keep up with demand. However, that’s a good problem for job seekers. "What I'm seeing is actually a tremendous growth in the (welding) industry, and most of it is energy related,” Bob Blackwell, a welding instructor at MSU-Billings, said in a KPAX news story on the welding industry. "If you look at welders, the average age is 57-58 years of age. So, we're all moving towards retirement and there's been this huge gap where nobody's come into.” The growth in energy related projects – from natural gas piping to the construction of oil rigs – is adding more work for the welding industry. However, as Blackwell pointed out, there are also a large number of professional welders entering retirement, which creates a shortage of welders. More work and less workers has led to higher salaries in the welding industry and has made it one of the most stable careers in the nation. Many job seekers are considering a career in welding but the majority of companies are looking for workers who have certification and have completed a professional training course. At the Advanced Career Institute’s welder training program, students are put on the fast track to helping meet the demand for welders. If you are looking for a career with immense opportunity then the welding industry might be the perfect spot for you.
  • Celebrating a Job Well Done

    We're very proud to recognize Manuel Munoz for graduating from the ACI Truck program in Visalia on April 30, 2010! Manuel stopped by the campus to say hi to his father (Also named Manuel Munoz) who just enrolled in our ACI Truck program. His father started his first day of school on February 6, 2012. See what Manuel Munoz Jr. had to say when we asked him about his ACI experience and current job. Where are you working now that you’ve completed your CDL training at ACI? Best Overnite Express How do you like your new job? Love it! Great company to work for! Where were you working before you were trained as a professional truck driver? American Air. What made you choose ACI? Bobby sold me on the career and local training. Were you nervous about the training and transition into a career with a lot of responsibility? Nah! Ready to take on a new challenge! Is there anything else you’d like to share with someone coming from a similar situation? Don’t be intimidated by OTR work!
  • Recognizing Hard Work

    Congratulations to Alfonso Rodriguez for completing our Advanced Professional Truck Driver program on February 9, 2012! We're very proud of all his accomplishments and look forward to seeing him excel in his career. Well done, Alfonso! Stay safe on the road. Don't forget to come back and visit us. Good luck!