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  • President Obama's Effort to Promote Welding

    Career college counselors are not the only ones encouraging employment in the welding industry. An article written today from redOrbit News announcing President Obama’s strong support of the industry. He put together a "Weld-Ed program" event at the Northern Virginia Community College Campus with both the Manufacturing Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers. During his speech, he emphasized what actions need to be taken to produce a larger force of skilled manufacturers to fit the increasing holes in welding employment. With over 50 percent of daily U.S. products requiring some type of welding work, the industry is booming with job opportunities. These products range from cell phones to bridges to laptops. Yet, there is a shortage of workers who possess the qualifying certification to do the type of work needed. Recent research shows a predicted need of 250,000 certified manufacture workers within the next 10 years. At the event, President Obama revealed a goal of 500,000 skilled workers for the manufacturing industry by the next five years. This wave of workers should put a dent in the substantial workforce needed to overcome the shortage. There are several different routes a trained welder can take on as new inventions and improvements in technology appear. They can be trained to create powerful systems that use lasers and explosives to mesh metals, or educated to work with high-tech robots. Improving infrastructure safety is one of the most stable and rewarding career paths for a welder. The importance of public safety is something that will always be necessary, even in the midst of economic downfall. The article mentions a quote from Jay Leno, a passionate welder employer: “Welders…are skilled technicians, they can do the work that most people cannot do…This country was built by welders and somewhere along the line we kind of lost our focus.” Look over the entire article by clicking on the link above for the all of the event details.