Tips to Save Money while on the Road

Watching Your Expenses while Truck Driving

Trucking can be a hard and lonely job. Sometimes it seems as if time stands still when you’re on the road, but of course, we know that it doesn’t. It is easy to spend money while traveling. You are not thinking about the bills or daily expenses waiting for you at home. Here are some money-saving tips for truck drivers that will help keep more cash in your pocket while you travel.

  • Bring Lots of Clean Clothes – If you’re washing your clothes on the road, you are wasting what will add up to a big chunk of change. Bring plenty of clean laundry and save up your dirty clothes to do when you get home.
  • CDL Discounts – Businesses including hotels and restaurants offer CDL discounts. Sometimes CDL discounts are not always advertised, so you may have to ask about them. However, any discount can amount to good savings over time. Check out Love’s and their CDL discounts offered.
  • Loyalty Programs – When you are on the road, you may be stopping at a lot of the same places. Many of these truck stops and restaurants will offer a loyalty program similar to the Pilot and Flying J reward program. Ask the if they have one and what the perks are for membership. You already log lots of miles, so getting rewarded for services you already use is a no brainer.
  • Make Your Own Food – This may be the best way to save money. Preparing all or most of your own meals will drastically lower your expenses. The Trucker Tips Blog offers some ways to make great tasting meals right in your truck. They suggest that a lunch box cooker and refrigerator specifically designed for trucks may be the way to go.
  • Quality GPS – Getting a GPS system that will alert you to upcoming traffic jams, road closings and give you the shortest route possible is a must. This can help you save time and fuel which as we all know equals great savings.
  • Utilize Truck Stops – Truck stops are a great resource for truckers. They cater to drivers with very inexpensive coffee, shower facilities and often times an exercise room and lounge. These stops will often have loyalty reward programs, so make sure you ask.
  • Drive Safely and Within the Speed Limit – Truck drivers are held to a higher standard when it comes to safe driving. Making sure your equipment is running properly and you are driving at the speed limit can be a huge cost saver. Your driving record is part of your livelihood and paying for tickets will add up quickly.
  • Use Cruise Control – As an extension of driving at or below the speed limit, using cruise control can help make sure a lead foot doesn’t start to make you go faster. Beyond this though, the cruise control will help regulate the amount of fuel you’re using. Extra breaking and accelerating use much more fuel, so avoid it altogether by setting your cruise control.
  • Bring Your Own Cups and Containers – Save your leftovers by bringing extra plastic containers. At many stops, you will find that you can get a discount on beverages if you use your own container. Give it a shot and always be on the lookout for places that offer this discount so you can frequent them more often.
  • Get Some Exercise – There’s a reason health insurance companies give a discount for having a wellness check. It costs less money when a person is healthy. Driving a truck doesn’t allow for a lot of activity and movement. Try to find truck stops that have exercise facilities, or simply stop at a park for some fresh air and a walk on a regular basis. Staying healthy will save you in the long run on doctor bills and healthcare costs.

Being a truck driver is a great occupation that can have lots of rewards. Along the road, you’ll meet new people and see lots of new and interesting places. Contact us to find out how you can get into this exciting profession.