5 Trucking Vlogs to Follow Today

Learn more about the trucking industry with these trucking vlogs.

Truck driving is highly unique and we know every driver has plenty of stories to share and that is why vlogs are the perfect niche for truckers. These trucking vlogs tell the stories of truck drivers from across the country. The following are our favorite vlogs we think you should follow today!

Allie Knight

YouTube vlogger Allie Knight has developed quite the following on YouTube. She’s quirky and funny and travels around sharing all kinds of adventures on the road with her subscribers. One of her most popular videos is where she gives a tour of her truck. So many people have always wanted to know what the inside of the truck cab looks like, and Allie gladly obliged her fans! Check her out to enjoy all of her adventures.

Jade and John

Truck driving can be a lonely job, but not always. Married couple Jade and John have a very active vlog on YouTube where they share all kinds of truck-related topics from Jade’s “Truck Talk” segments to “cutting your own hair.” In this particular video, Jade and John offer some advice to those that are married as team truckers.

Vasiliy Agiy

This trucker has a large and loyal following because of his fun videos and interesting topics. Treating every video as a new adventure in trucking, or offering tips and suggestions to others, this channel is one you won’t want to miss. His YouTube video showing what truck stop showers are actually like is a particular must-see!

Super Trucker Dan

For those that are interested in the business of truck driving itself, the YouTube Channel for “SuperTruckerDan” is worth clicking to subscribe. This vlog looks at the ins and outs of the industry and is worth your time if you are perhaps interested in moving into that career or are already working in that career. His video about being an owner and operator of a flatbed truck is one worth watching.

The Healthy Trucker

The Healthy Trucker channel on YouTube is a niche within a niche. If you are in the trucking industry, you will want to check this channel out. It is full of specific topics related to maintaining your health while working as a trucker. This video on how to eat healthy at a truck stop is a must-see for everyone that finds themselves on a road trip!

These are five of the best vlogs on the internet by truckers themselves. You don’t have to be a trucker to subscribe and enjoy these videos, but for those that are, you will definitely be able to relate. If you are thinking about making a change or want more information about the truck driving industrycontact us today and let us help you learn more.